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The History Of Love Biltong After growing up in South Africa watching my uncle making biltong and tasting the delicious flavours in the winter periods. It quickly became a family tradition. Towards the end of summer, we would start to get excited as we knew what was approaching. Biltong Making Time! Biltong making time was … Read more

Biltong Recipe

Biltong Recipes

The Best Biltong Recipe To make the best biltong, you need the best biltong recipe. The recipes below, have all been used in my family. The silverside beef recipe is known as the traditional recipe as it contains the best mix of spices. Traditional South African Recipes The biltong spice recipe we use is one … Read more

How Much Protein in Biltong

Protein in Biltong

There is 7g of protein per 100g of biltong Biltong Protein When biltong is made, it starts off at 200g but when it dries it only weighs 100g. All the protein still remains in the biltong, so you are getting double the amount of protein in half the serving. There are 117 Calories in 100g … Read more

What is Biltong?

What is biltong

It is a simple, but excellent food, dried beef, flavoured with salt, herbs and spices. Beef Biltong Biltong is a South African cured meat made from a cut of beef called “beef silverside”. Traditional Spices are mixed with the beef silverside consisting of salt, pepper, coarsely ground coriander, and red wine vinegar. The biltong meat … Read more

Biltong Pate Recipe

Biltong Pate Recipe

A Quick Biltong Pate Recipe This Biltong pate recipe is lovely to have on the weekend on fresh, crisp toast or baguette bread. It is also a hit at parties. The finer the biltong is grated, the better the pate will taste. Ingredients Serves 4-6 200g /7 oz Button Mushrooms, thinly sliced 1 small Onion, … Read more