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The History Of Love Biltong

After growing up in South Africa watching my uncle making biltong and tasting the delicious flavours in the winter periods.

It quickly became a family tradition. Towards the end of summer, we would start to get excited as we knew what was approaching.

Biltong Making Time!

Biltong making time was a family bonding time. My father would buy the meat on a Friday night after work. We would add the spices and put the meat in the fridge and Saturday morning we would be up early hanging the meat in the garage rafters.

We then waited eagerly for the meat to dry, going into the garage after school each day to see the progress.

Air drying took about four or five days, but the results were delicious. As we moved and got older the tradition fell away until I had children of my own.

Now we still make it on a Friday night, but we use a small biltong maker to hang the meat in as we live in the Northern Hemisphere and there is too much damp in the air for the meat to dry correctly.

It is lovely to watch the excitement on my children’s faces as they see the biltong being hung waiting in anticipation for the meat to be ready.

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