The Easy Biltong Tart Recipe

Biltong Tart

Biltong Tart can be either baked in the oven or on a Weber Charcoal Barbecue. The tart is quick to make and does not take long to cook at all.

How to Make Biltong Pasta

biltong pasta

Biltong Pasta is part of South Africa’s cuisine that has been moulded by many different nationalities throughout the centuries. This version uses roasted butternut to add a lovely flavour to the pasta.

How To Make Biltong Bread

Biltong Bread

Biltong Bread is a traditional bread that has accompanied many barbecues in South Africa. This delicious biltong pot bread is made with cake flour and cooked on the fire.

3 Ways How To Store Biltong

How to Store biltong

How to store Biltong. We show you 3 ways how you can store biltong to keep it tasting fresh and nice, day after day.

How To Make Potato Salad

potato salad

Potato salad is a summer food that is enjoyed by lots of South African families when they barbecue. This dish can be paired with so many different meat dishes.

The Best Biltong Maker

Biltong Maker

The Satara Biltong Maker is the best Biltong Maker you can buy to make biltong at home easily.

Creamy Biltong Soup

biltong soup

The flavours included in this biltong soup recipe will complement your taste buds. This is a perfect recipe for a quick and easy meal to make on a cold winters evening for the whole family to enjoy.