Ouma Rusks – The #1 Rusk Brand

Ouma Rusk Picture in a box

Ouma Greyvensteyn rusks are the #1 rusk brand, the best tasting rusk, and the oldest rusk manufacturer in South Africa.

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The Biltong Man makes tasty traditional Biltong and sells it in the UK and exports to the European mainland. He has a huge range of products available including droewors.

Chutney Biltong Recipe

Mrs. Balls Chutney gives a lovely flavor. It is easy to make if you follow the chutney biltong recipe here.

Biltong Recipe

biltong recipe

This Biltong Recipe, is the best tasting Biltong you can make at home Easily!.

About Us

Welcome to my site, where i show you how to make south African food at home. you can make biltong and boerewors easily at home.

Biltong Protein

Biltong Protein

Weight watchers recommends eating Biltong to lose weight. Did you know how much protein is in biltong? Click Here!

What is Biltong?

What is biltong

What is biltong, We explain in detail where Biltong comes from and what it is made of.

3 Ways How To Store Biltong

How to Store biltong

How to store Biltong. We show you 3 ways how you can store biltong to keep it tasting fresh and nice, day after day.