How To Make Biltong

Learning how to make biltong at home is easy and a wonderful way to spend time with your family and highly rewarding. Once you know how to make it you have learnt a lifelong skill that you can use anywhere in the world.

This guide is a step by step process on how I make biltong at home during the year. Once I perfected my recipe I hardly ever buy biltong as I can plan my week and timing to know exactly when my biltong is going to be ready.

The process starts with meat selection, I like to use silverside, I buy a roasting joint and cut that up as it gives me enough biltong to last for a few days.

Cutting the Silverside

To make biltong in this recipe, I am going to use Beef Silverside. This will make 4 biltong sticks enough for a weeks supply.

How to make biltong

I cut the silverside joint exactly one thumb width apart and with the grain, this isn’t too thick and in the UK it allows for faster drying times. Cutting with the grain gives you nice looking biltong with smooth sides.

how to make biltong - cutting the meat

Spray Vinegar On Meat

After cutting the meat, I lay the meat side by side in a dish, and spray with vinegar, I use a spray bottle with vinegar as it is easier to coat the meat and the meat is not drenched in vinegar. I then turn the meat around and spray the other side too. This is an important step as coating the meat with vinegar stops mould from forming.

how to make biltong - vinegar spraying meat

Roast Coriander

While the meat is resting I roast some coriander in a frying pan until it turns light brown, I then crush it in my pestle and mortar.

roasted coriander

I use Crown National (Affiliate Link) biltong spice for my biltong mix, I use 45g/kg, so for this mix, I used 135g of biltong spice. I mixed the crushed coriander and the biltong spice together.

biltong spice mix

Spice All The Meat

I put the spice mix in a small cup and spread it over the biltong, making sure to cover all the meat.

spreading the spice

I turned the meat over and covered it with more spice on the other side.

biltong covered in spice

Let The Meat Marinate

I let the meat rest for 8 hours, I turn the meat around at the 4-hour mark to let the other side marinade. I also drain excess liquid from the bowl. You can leave the meat to marinade longer as the flavours get better the longer you leave it.

biltong hooks in the neat

While the meat is marinating I boil my biltong hooks to make sure they are clean and sterile, I then spray them with vinegar just before inserting into the meat. I put the hook through the thickest part of the meat, to make sure it won’t pull through as it is drying.

Hang The Biltong To Dry

I then hang the biltong in my biltong maker and wait 5 days for it to be ready.

biltong hanging

This simple biltong making process allows my family and I time to enjoy making biltong whenever we want. The total time to make biltong is around 20 minutes and that includes washing up afterwards. When the biltong is ready, we use the biltong cutter to share it evenly with the family. I hope you enjoy making biltong too.