Ouma Rusks – The #1 Rusk Brand

We must thank Ouma Greyvensteyn for creating Ouma Rusks. In 1939 there was a great depression and Ouma and Friends decided to help the local community. 

They started baking rusks using her trusted family recipe. Orders flocked in and Ouma Rusks became a household name, a new global brand was born.

Today Ouma Greyvensteyn rusks are the #1 rusk brand, the best tasting rusk, and the oldest rusk manufacturer in South Africa. That is a great achievement for the brand from Molteno in the Eastern Cape.

They are sold all around the world, allowing people to enjoy this delicious treat at home wherever they are. 

They come in a variety of flavours Buttermilk, Condensed Milk and Muesli.

In the UK, Amazon has the best price for Ouma Rusks 500g for £3.50 (£7.00 /kg). 

Our favourite way to enjoy Ouma Rusks, is with a hot cup of Rooibos Tea on a cold crisp morning.