Biltong Protein

There is 60g of protein per 100g of biltong

Biltong Protein Content

When biltong is made, it starts off at 200g but when it dries it only weighs 100g.

All the protein still remains in the biltong, so you are getting double the amount of protein in half the serving.

There are 325 Calories in 100g of beef biltong. Biltong is a high protein snack that will help you lose weight.

Biltong Nutrition

Biltong is low in fat, with just 5g for every 100g serving.

Biltong contains vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12 which makes red blood cells and keeps your nervous system healthy.

It is full of Magnesium, Iron and Zinc.

Is Biltong Fattening

Weight loss diets use biltong as it can suppress your appetite. Being full of protein it also keeps you full for longer.

Is Biltong Healthy

Eating biltong in moderation is healthy. To check to see if your biltong is good quality. If buying from a biltong shop or just buying meat to make biltong, have a look where the meat originates from. Check to see if the meat comes from a Grass-Fed environment.

This means the cows were fed from pastures containing grasses, wildflowers and herbs.

Can You Eat Biltong When Pregnant

Biltong cravings are normal amongst pregnant mom’s. But is biltong safe to eat while you are pregnant?

Biltong Benefits

As we know biltong is full of protein and low in fat, and full of vitamins and minerals. It keeps you fuller longer and builds healthy red blood cells and looks after your nervous system.

Biltong Health Risks

There are some risks though, although biltong is made in a controlled environment, it is not cooked, this means that it could contain a bacteria called Listeria.

Listeria is found in chilled ready to eat foods like cured meat, sliced ham, cooked shellfish. It can even occur in blue cheese.

The most common symptoms of Listeria are

  • muscle aches
  • fever
  • flu-like symptoms
  • nausea
  • diarrhoea

These normally last 3 days if they do last longer you should consult your, doctor.

Is Biltong Healthy For You

However, people with weakened immune systems, the elderly and pregnant woman and their unborn babies are more susceptible to this bacteria.

There have been 200 cases of Listeria out of nearly 4 million pregnancies every year in America. So becoming ill with Listeria is fairly low.

For your own peace of mind, I recommend you consult with your local doctor to fully understand the risks and benefits to make up your own mind whether you can eat biltong while pregnant.


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