Biltong Cutter

Are you looking for the ideal Father’s Day present for the man that has everything? Look no further, buy the special man in your life a Biltong Cutter!

Why Buy a Biltong Cutter?

A biltong slicer makes it easy for you to cut biltong, you can set the thickness to your liking and you can cut a whole biltong stick quickly with its sharp blade. It also looks nice and you can leave it on display for your friends to see.

If you are using a knife, first you must find the sharpest knife. Then when you cut the biltong, you must saw the biltong to get through it. You have to be careful not to cut yourself instead of cutting the biltong.

Using a Biltong Cutter makes the job easy and fun.

The cutter blade is sharp and is made from high-quality steel which means it is strong. It cuts through the thickest pieces easily.

Having a wooden biltong slicer is a showpiece and you can leave it on display when not in use. Its looks good and the design complements your counter space.

Introducing the Ultra Tec Biltong Cutter with Steel Tray

When you remove this biltong cutter from the box you will see it is a premium product. It has been designed well and is beautifully crafted.

The curved trough of the cutting board allows you to cut round objects like Biltong, Salami, Chorizo or Vegetables.

This biltong slicer has a stainless-steel blade and uses precision bearing guides to keep the blade perfectly aligned to the cutting edge. It has a unique design; you can adjust the thickness you want to cut by placing your biltong over the cutting edge. The more it hangs over the cutting edge the thicker it will cut the biltong.

The Perfect Cut

When you cut biltong, it uses a rolling and shearing action at the same time, to provide the perfect clean cut.

The cutting angle is positioned so that when biltong is cut it is in the center of the board. The stainless-steel base attaches magnetically to the wooden base and catches all your cut meat.

When not in use the stainless-steel tray is stored under the base. The wooden base is fitted with non-slip super grip pads. These Wooden biltong cutters are for people who enjoy making biltong at home.

Amazon Reviews

This item has exceptionally good reviews on Amazon and lots of positive ratings. Customers liked the packaging when it arrived commenting it looked very professional. When they opened the box, they were amazed how beautiful it was crafted.

How to Sharpen the Blade. 

The cutter blade will stay sharp for many years, but if you need to sharpen it, you can use a regular sharpener but importantly only sharpen the side of the blade that faces the removable tray.

Make sure to match the angle exactly and remove any burr which may be created during the sharpening process.

Watch this video to see how to sharpen your blade

Can the width of the slice be adjusted?

The width can be adjusted depending on how far over you place your biltong over the cutting edge. You can make your slices very thin or an inch thick, depending on how you like it.