Buy Biltong

If you are looking to buy biltong, Amazon has a large selection of it available. We have gone through all the sellers, read the ratings and only selected the companies who make it using the traditional recipe.

The Biltong Man makes tasty traditional Biltong and sells it in the UK and exports to the European mainland.  He has a huge range of products available including droewors.

1 KG Biltong

£39.99 a Kilo (Affiliate Link)

This is for a full 1-kilogram packet of biltong, On the high street, this product sells for £45.99 a kilo, the price above is a fantastic saving.

500 Grams Biltong

£22.99 for half a Kilo (Affiliate Link)

The 500g is a nice size to get if you are just testing the company to see if you like their biltong, I always buy the smaller packet to see if I like the product before I commit to the larger sizes offered.


You can order it and have it delivered the next day, in some places in the UK even the same day. The same-day delivery service only applies to certain postcodes within the United Kingdom.

Please be aware of how you should store it once you have opened the packet, to enhance the shelf life f the product. 


The company has 232, 4 and a half star ratings on Amazon, including comments on how tasty it is, and how quickly it is delivered. There were two negative reviews on the product, but these were dealt with by the company in a professional manner.

Please leave me a comment below if you buy biltong on Amazon or prefer making your own at home.