The Voortrekkers had an abundance of livestock on their farms, so they experimented and tested new recipes to cure meat. They found they could take clean animal intestines put meat and spices into them and hang them out to dry. The thin sausage dried quickly and became known as DroeWors. Droëwors translated from Afrikaans means … Read more

Potjie Pot

Potjie Pot

South Africans have a favourite pot to cook in, it’s called the Potjie Pot. Over the centuries, many meals have been cooked in these wonderful pots. But first, let’s take a look at the history of the Potjie Pot. The Potjie Pot is made from Cast Iron and it is black. It has three legs … Read more

How To Make Biltong

Learning how to make biltong at home is easy and a wonderful way to spend time with your family and highly rewarding. Once you know how to make it you have learnt a lifelong skill that you can use anywhere in the world. This guide is a step by step process on how I make … Read more

Biltong Recipe

Traditional Biltong Recipes Making biltong using the traditional biltong recipe guarantees wonderful flavours. To make biltong, you need good quality meat. We recommend using Silverside or Top Side cuts as these cuts of beef work well. you can also use game meats to to make biltong Traditional This is the best-tasting biltong recipe when you … Read more

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The History Of Love Biltong After growing up in South Africa watching my uncle making biltong and tasting the delicious flavours in the winter periods.It quickly became a family tradition. Towards the end of summer, we would start to get excited as we knew what was approaching. Biltong Making Time! Biltong making time was a … Read more

Biltong Protein

Biltong Protein

There is 60g of protein per 100g of biltong Biltong Protein Content When biltong is made, it starts off at 200g but when it dries it only weighs 100g. All the protein still remains in the biltong, so you are getting double the amount of protein in half the serving. There are 325 Calories in … Read more

What is Biltong?

What is biltong

Beef Biltong Biltong is a South African cured meat made from a cut of beef called “beef silverside”. Traditional Spices are mixed with the beef silverside consisting of salt, pepper, coarsely ground coriander, and red wine vinegar. The biltong meat is air-dried for five days when it is ready to be eaten. It is a … Read more