Owning a South African Biltong Shop

Dreaming of Running a Biltong Shop in London. When you buy biltong from a biltong shop, have you ever thought of owning one yourself? Your own South African shop in the UK. Do you ever dream […]

Installing A SSL Certificate For Security

SSL Certificate – Website Security This post is not really biltong related but important none the less.  Running a website, these days means a lot of work in the background that nobody really sees. Keeping […]

What is Biltong

South African Biltong Biltong can also be gluten-free, sugar-free with NO e numbers and packs a wallop in protein levels! What is Biltong? It was a typical question people asked a few years back. “It […]

How To Store Biltong

Storing biltong is important to enjoying your Biltong at its best. Learning how to store biltong is important to ensure the flavour and taste remain, making it delicious to eat. At Love Biltong, we love making […]